Chapter 1 Arrival of the Matthew Perry squadron 第1章 ペリー来航

 This year, it is fully 161 years since Commodore Perry forced his way into Japan, and caused Japan to open it's borders to the world. I lived here in Japan for 40 of those years. That is really 1/4 of the time that Japan and America have had relations. Since I was born in America and spent my early years there, I think that I can comment on that relationship.

 One of the first things that I think of are that Americans are not very different in attitude than Commodore Perry and people of his age. Americans are always filled with themselves. They approach every problem or situation thinking that America is the most essential country in the world.



 Commodore Perry felt that he had a mission from God. It was his duty to force Japan to become Christian, and to do business with America. No, Commodore Perry did not evangelize Japan himself, but he provided the opportunity for American missionaries to come to Japan. Japan's feelings on the subject of relations with Western countries played no part in Commodore Perry's deliberations.


 During my life in Japan, I have met many foreigners here, mainly part time English teachers and part time actors. Frankly, I was always astounded at the arrogance of these people. They felt that by being English teachers in Japan, they were fulfilling some essential role, without which Japan would collapse. And their behavior was almost always rude.

 The first foreigners who came here also behaved rudely and badly. They had no respect for Japanese culture and customs. And they did not learn to speak Japanese. Until very recently, few Americans living in Japan learned to speak Japanese. I will now explain how Americans think.






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